Specialty Pharmacy

With the right partner, specialty pharmacy can be a cost-effective solution.

When you partner with a specialty pharmacy provider, it’s your right to expect reliable member support and aggressively negotiated prices.


PerformRx, Global Pharmacy Management’s specialty pharmacy provider, is renown for achieving highly cost-effective and efficient outcomes in the specialty drug arena.


Their expert patient care team achieves waste reduction and improved health outcomes through extensive patient oversight including:


-Comprehensive utilization management and checks for patient safety and compliance

-Rigorous clinical review based on approved usage protocols

-Stringent prior authorization screening


On the administrative side, PerformRx’s specialized staff engages in aggressive specialty drug price negotiation, specialty network management, highly capable electronic claims adjucation and detailed billing oversight.

PerformRx’s aggressive methods continuously result in significant per member per month (PMPM) pharmacy expenditure reduction, despite rising overall costs in the specialty pharmacy industry.

With the increasing prevalence of specialty drug use, PerformRx is the partner you can rely on to provide specialty pharmacy services that serve you.

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