Breakthrough Technology

With all of your members’ health care data— from medical to pharmaceutical to claims—at one single site, patients receive care as never before

GPM’s integrated database sets a new standard in the realm of patient-centric pharmacy benefit technology.


Now medical, dental, vision, lab, claims and industry information are all linked at single source, easily accessible through our web-based portals.


Professionals at every point on the health care spectrum can quickly access a complete picture of their patient’s care history in real time, allowing them to coordinate care, prescribe appropriately and optimize health outcomes as never before.


With our flexible and intuitive web interface, analysts can design reports and query data to get an unprecedented big picture understanding of patient care information.


Beyond integrating information, our database enhances pharmacy care by:


  • Allowing for robust reporting of integrated claims data and ad hoc reporting
  • Keeping patients on track with their medications by monitoring specific events such as a patient’s failure to refill a prescription and then communicating with relevant parties
  • Keeping providers attuned to patient-health with client-specific alerts, reminders, and on-demand reports
  • Providing accurate, updated information on drug formularies or new policy guidelines to everyone from call center personnel to prescribers
  • Saving time, money and effort by providing online prior authorization submission through the prescriber portal


The power and support of our technology results in more accurate care, improved drug adherence and stronger relationships between patients and providers, which means better long-term health outcomes for your members.


With Global Pharmacy Management, health continues to flow.

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