Account Management & Implementation

Receive Continuous Support from Our Expert Account Management Team.

When you choose your pharmacy benefit manager, you deserve to be supported every step of the way. From implementation to any day-to-day challenges that arise, GPM is here for you.


We offer each client a dedicated account management team that provides uninterrupted service through the life of your plan.


During our standard 90-day implementation period your account management team will be standing by to:


  • Ensure that your members experience no disruption to their pharmacy care
  • Answer all of your questions
  • Quickly address any challenges that arise
  • Ensure that you fully understand and are ready to make the best use of your plan


Post-implementation the same team will continue to be available to assist you at every instance you are in need of support.


This long-term relationship with your account managers gives them a deep understanding of your needs, thereby ensuring that your plan supports you and your members more successfully over time.

You can save on health care with a transparent PBM plan. Call GPM today at 1-855-747-4GPM for a FREE consultation.