Who We Are

At Global Pharmacy Management (GPM) we’re driven by one core belief— transparency is the key to lower cost pharmacy care.

For us, pharmacy benefit management is personal.  GPM was born from our founders’ own struggle to help an affiliated managed care company address their rising pharmacy costs.


Through this challenge, our founders learned first-hand how relationships grounded in integrity could revolutionize the pharmacy benefit industry.


With decades of experience in managed care and health care behind them, our leaders committed to transforming the industry by developing Global Pharmacy Management— a PBM rooted in transparency, committed to reducing pharmacy costs, and set on enhancing the standard of member care.


Today GPM achieves unprecedented savings for health plans and self-insured entities with transparent, custom-tailored pharmacy benefit plans.

We’re so confident in our methods that we guarantee savings for every client we serve.

Our results are possible due to the passion and expertise of our team, based in South Florida. Our founders include a Medical Doctor, a Director of Pharmacy, an Attorney, and a leader in the business community, all committed to bringing you an honest, efficient and accessible PBM. Our administrative and clinical teams, supported by state-of-the-art technology, currently manage well over 3,500,000 lives.


With a personal understanding of the challenges facing your business in controlling pharmacy costs and decades of experience behind us, GPM is here to craft you a transparent pharmacy benefit plan that achieves your health care goals.

You can save on health care with a transparent PBM plan. Call GPM today at 1-855-747-4GPM for a FREE consultation.