A Message From the CEO

Rising pharmaceutical costs today simply aren’t sustainable.

For me, this issue hits home. My family has been in managed care for decades. After grappling for years with the out-of-control rise in pharmacy costs affecting our business, we realized we weren’t alone.


Across the United States businesses are facing the same issues, dealing daily with the inordinate rise in the cost of pharmacy care. These costs affect our employee health, our livelihoods, and our ability to effectively serve our clients, no matter our industry.


Seeing the magnitude of the problem, a team of medical and pharmaceutical experts and I decided to forge a better way. Together we founded Global Pharmacy Management to give health plans and self-insured entities options to control health care costs while maintaining and enhancing the standard of member care.


Paramount to our mission is our aim to create pharmacy savings through offering a different kind of client relationship— one grounded in transparency and integrity. We want our clients to clearly understand how we’re generating them savings through the customized pharmacy benefit plans we provide.


We hope that through working together, you experience what the future of pharmacy benefit care looks like— transparent, open, and committed to putting the needs of plan sponsors and members first.


We are grateful that due to our own challenges, we’ve been able to make a significant dent in the space of pharmacy care.


We welcome you to join us in forging this new path.


To your health,


Jose M. Garcia, Jr.

CEO and Founder

Global Pharmacy Management

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